#blackouttuesday we’re standing in solidarity: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

Today, Golden State Opportunity is participating in #blackouttuesday across all our social media platforms. This does not mean we’re disengaging, but rather that we are stepping back from our regularly scheduled posts promoting our free tax filing services, in order to create space for and listen to the voices of Black leaders and activists.

For those who are interested and able, here are several Black-led groups working to dismantle systemic racism that you can support, if you’re able to, courtesy of our friends at NetRoots Nation:

Additionally, here’s a list of bail funds for protestors across the nation, which people can support to help activists continue to make their voices heard in the struggle for racial justice.

GSO stands with the Black community in solidarity against racism and social injustice. As an organization, GSO is committed to challenging systemic inequity and fighting so that all communities have equal freedom, respect, and opportunity. We are with you.

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"The promise of America is that hard work should be honored with financial security. We founded Golden State Opportunity to ensure that promise holds true for everyone. We won’t be satisfied by anything less than a future where everyone lives with financial security."